Website Services

Website Design and Development
Cuán Mara Design specialises in designing and developing high-quality, user-friendly websites with a focus on good design and usability. Design isn’t just about making things look good – it’s an equal mixture of aesthetics and function. Simplicity is key in creating an impression of quality and professionalism, while ensuring your content is easily accessible and clear for the user. A well designed website will ensure your business is presented in the best possible light. 
Responsive Design
All new websites created by Cuán Mara Design are designed responsively so content is dynamically resized to suit any device – from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Google now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, rewarding websites that are fully optimized for mobile platforms.
Social Media
Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have the potential to attract and hold the attention of a vast audience. A range of tools can be used to integrate your social media accounts with your website allowing you to take full advantage of this marketing potential.
Ecommerce enabled websites, unlike brochure websites, feature the ability for your visitors to buy your products and services online. They are very effective as they allow the customer to visit your shop at any time day or night globally. PayPal or Stripe are ideal payment gateways for those who want to start selling their products or take online bookings through their website. They can be fully integrated with your website and are a trusted and relatively low-cost way to accept payments online.
WordPress Content Management System
WordPress is one of the most user friendly CMS (Content Management Systems). It is an ideal way for novice computer users to be able to maintain and update their own website. The ease of use, combined with the power of content maintenance, site editing and incremental growth make this CMS model very attractive to online businesses that need control of their marketing and online presence.
Website Analytics
Website Analytics enable you to view and analyse your site’s visitor statistics. This is a great device to look at your latest internet site trends and your visitors’ or users’ preferences in terms of site features.
Search Engine Optimisation
Where is the first place you look when you want to find something on the Internet? If you are like the vast majority of users then you would use a search engine. Search Engine Optimisation can help your website get ahead of  your direct competition.
Website Care Plans
It is very important that your WordPress website is kept up-to-date with the latest software and security updates. Professional websites are no longer a “set and forget” part of your business. As technology evolves (and hacker’s methods evolve!) website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster and more visible to search engines. Cuán Mara Design provides Website Care Plans for WordPress websites. Click here for more details.
Content Updates, Support and Site Development
Website content updates and technical support are provided at an hourly rate. For further site development or additional features please request a quote.

Every project is different and may require specifically tailored features. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a free no obligation quote.