It is very important that your WordPress website is kept up-to-date with the latest software and security updates. Professional websites are no longer a “set and forget” part of your business. As technology evolves (and hacker’s methods evolve!) website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster and more visible to search engines.

Cuán Mara Design provides the following Care Plan for WordPress websites:


€35 / month

Website Back Ups
Software Updates
Malware Scans
Security Monitoring
Site Restorations
Website Care Reports
No Contract



Additional Information

This plan is suitable for small to medium sized WordPress websites.

Content updates are additional to this plan and provided at an hourly rate.

If you require more features a custom plan can be created for you. For example, your customised plan may include more frequent software updates and site backups, regular content updates and/or ongoing technical support. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Payments are processed monthly via PayPal and are 100% secure. Alternative payment methods and annual payments can be arranged if required.



Reasons to keep your WordPress website up-to-date:

WordPress is the most popular content management platform world-wide. And when you keep WordPress updated, it’s also among the most secure. But if you neglect the updates, your WordPress website is at risk from attacks, vulnerabilities and inconveniences.

Here are 5 reasons to keep your WordPress website up-to-date:

1: Gives You More Feature Options

New features and enhancements are constantly being added to make WordPress more robust, versatile and feature-rich. So why settle for a clunky old version when you don’t have to?

2: Makes WordPress Easier and Faster

When it comes to technology, there are two things we can all agree on… we want it fast and easy to use. That’s what you get when you update WordPress… the fastest, highest-performance user experience available.

3: Prepares You for Change

To remain fresh and relevant, your website will eventually need updates or changes. Maybe you’re adding pages and changing the navigation. Perhaps a new add-on can make your website more helpful and valuable to your visitors. Or your website is due for a redesign. Often these changes require the latest version of WordPress. With WordPress up-to-date your website will run smoothly, without a hitch.

4: Treats Your Visitors Well

Whether your WordPress website generates income or simply fuels readers’ appetite for content, you must treat your visitors well. But if you’re running an out-dated version of WordPress, your website could get “glitchy”. Your visitors could encounter unexplained frustrations with your website. And you may never know about these problems until diminishing traffic sends up a red flag. WordPress updates are continually solving user issues. And by keeping current, you can preempt many technical issues before they rear their ugly heads to your visitors.

And of course …

5: Keeps Threats at Bay

Simply put, your outdated WordPress website is a sitting duck to hackers. Especially because they use free software to automatically scour the internet to reveal which websites are vulnerable. WordPress is vigilant about keeping it’s software secure and it’s millions of users protected. But you can’t shield your website from attacks unless you install and apply the WordPress updates to your WP website. When you do, you’re fixing the problem before it starts.

You wouldn’t consider driving your car for years on end without an oil change. So why risk letting your website go without the latest updates? Just as most don’t change their own oil, many WordPress website owners prefer to let someone else keep their website updated. That’s why we have introduced this website care plan, so it can all be taken care of for you safely and securely, without any interruptions to your site.